Next Event:

June 6, 2020

Our DJs for March 21 were scheduled to be:

  • Jk47
  • DJ Tao (Ethan Carville)
  • Whiskey Devil

At our June event, Gabriel Diamond and Candice Holdorf will offer their unique Blindfolded Contact Improvisation as our Pre-Party Class.


Exact location will be shared with event guests only.


  • Pre-Party Class: 7:00 to 8:00 pm
  • Discussion on Safer Sex and Navigating Play Parties  at 8:00 pm
  • Brief Opening Circle 8:45 pm
  • Dancing starts 9:15 pm
  • Event ends approximately 2:30 am

Connect. Dance. Love. #16

March 21, 2020

has been cancelled due to coronavirus.

Connect. Dance. Love is an emotionally rich exploration at the intersection of intentional dance and shared sensuality.

Our dances can arouse feelings of desire and sexuality.  At Connect. Dance. Love., we create a safe space to let those feelings bloom.  Perhaps we'll find ourselves making out.  Perhaps we'll ravish each other on a bed or couch, as a couple or a group.  Or perhaps we'll keep dancing, letting the energy build.

Our events  feature a dance class to start the evening, amazing sexy and sultry DJs, and delectable midnight sushi and snacks. There will be space for both intimate dancing and safe, sexy play. 

Connect. Dance. Love. is intended for dancers who are interested in bridging the worlds between sensuous dance, emotional intimacy and open sexuality.  Of course, there is no expectation that guests will engage in sexual play; an interest or curiosity about swimming in the soup of open sexuality is enough.

Cost for the evening party is $35 to $50 sliding scale.  

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